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Becoming H.E.R. Coaching Academy

Becoming H.E.R Coaching Academy is a partnership and process created to assist you in personal growth, empowerment, and transformation.

Our session is a time that you set aside to focus specifically on yourself and your priorities. It will help you clarify what is essential and most meaningful to you. Each session will help you improve your understanding of who you are, what you believe and value, your purpose, and how best to communicate that to others.

I hope you will accept my invitation to explore Becoming H.E.R. Coaching Academy. 

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What our customers are saying

This year 2021, I chose to invest in myself. Whatever obstacles and hurdles I was faced with last year and years past; I made an executive decision for myself that I was going to level up. I did some research and found behind every successful person is a Life Coach. So I decided to get the Big Guns. Life Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker Savon Holt's. She's a very loving, compassionate, inspirational, and down-to-earth person. Beautiful on the inside out. Since she's been actively working with me. She's helped me with motivation, focus, direction, support, and how to identify any blockages and eradicate everything that was not conducive to my growth in achieving success. I am grateful for SavonSpeaks and her mission. I have a new lease on life because of the Greatness she has instilled in me. Thank you SavonSpeaks.

~Client Jamilla Ashford

BeComing H.E.R Coaching Academy


Both packages are helping women become a step closer to H.E.R (Heroic-Empowered-Refined). Our goal is to allow you to feel heroic by telling your story and Identifying the Problem. The next step is to make you feel empowered so you can empower others. Lastly, the objective is to help you walk away from this coaching feeling refined, like the woman you know you could be. This is what makes you H.E.R!

3-Month Package


Best Package Offer

3 (45 min) Zoom Sessions 

Monthly Accountability /Check in Calls 

20 min Via Zoom, Check and share progress, updates, success, challenges, Ask/Answer questions.

BeComing H.E.R Power Push Emails 

(Wednesdays to keep you Motivated)

Email Support

Weekly Gratitude Journaling


6-Month Package


Best for General Upkeep

6 x 60min Sessions

6 Phone Accountability Checks (2x month/every two weeks)

Unlimited emails support and calls in between sessions

 BeComing H.E.R Power Push Presentations 

(Wednesdays to keep you motivated)

 Long Term Goal Setting

 Weekly Email Motivation