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SavonSpeaks presents the Savon Show - "Keeping Up The Momentum and Becoming a Boss Lady​"

Description: SavonSpeaks interview Valerie (Val) Nix, Owner of Sunshine Village Childcare Center

From being married at 16 years old to be a teen mom, Valerie Nix paved the way and created a Blueprint not only for her children but for many young women. 

The Savon Show was blessed to sit down and hear a glimpse of Val's story. She encouraged women experiencing any forms of abuse and teen pregnancy to PUSH through any obstacle. 

Tune in June 7h, as Val takes us on a journey -  from trials to triumph.  Val shares the past challenges that have helped mold her into the Champion she is today- A Boss Lady!

Location: SavonSpeaks FB  and YouTube Channel


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Testimonials & Reviews

This year 2021, I chose to invest in myself. Whatever obstacles and hurdles I was faced with last year and years past; I made an executive decision for myself that I was going to level up. I did some research and found behind every successful person is a Life Coach. So I decided to get the Big Guns. Life Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker Savon Holt's. She's a very loving, compassionate, inspirational, and down-to-earth person. Beautiful on the inside out. Since she's been actively working with me. She's helped me with motivation, focus, direction, support, and how to identify any blockages and eradicate everything that was not conducive to my growth in achieving success. I am grateful for SavonSpeaks and her mission. I have a new lease on life because of the Greatness she has instilled in me. Thank you SavonSpeaks.

~Jamilla Ashford

Coach Savon is a great mentor, she reaches out to know that you have her support, she gives great advice and is a woman that motivates me to be a better person.

~Deja Mauren

From a Male's point of view, I find Savon Speaks to be very insightful and uplifting and not just for women! A man can learn a thing or two about what his woman is dealing with because oftentimes we have no idea. I love it and will be spreading the word about the show!

~Malik Heath

I appreciate your genuine passion. Thank you for inspiring other women to overcome tragedy. I am excited to watch future videos and attend your speeches in person.

~CaTyra Polland

Awe you deliver such great messages. To have such a young person doing motivational speaking is so needed. 

~Juanita Cunningham

 Your words were so powerful and inspiring!!! Super proud of you! Keep inspiring, motivating, and speaking life into women.


The Savon Show with featured guest Valerie Nix

Savon Holt featured guest on She Hustle Talks Show

The Savon Show with featured guest Tysharda Thomas

The Savon Show with featured guest Coco Simpson

The Savon Show with featured guest Titiana Curry & Singer Marshay Dominique

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