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My Truth

Product description: This nurse, author, mother, daughter, sister, and believer tells an unfiltered story of her life in My Truth.

It wasn't easy​ going down memory lane of some hurtful moments in my life. It took a lot of courage and strength to write my memoir. However, I wanted to share the ups a​nd downs, triumphs and childhood trauma, my stagnant moments and dreams that has contributed to the woman I am today. Of course I couldn't tell every detail of my life, but I wanted to be able to share enough of my story with you. I spent so much of my life worried about validation from others that I never gave myself permission to be great. 

This book is composed of my memories, my personal struggles, my survival and faith. I went back to my childhood, because believe it or not, we have to start from the root of our personal issues so we can work on ourselves to become a better version of who we were in our past. Life is about alignment. 

Writing this memoir was therapeutic for me and humbling.  There were times I wanted to stop writing, but I knew the purpose of me writing this book was a selfless act. My sincere hope is that you are inspired. motivated and empowered in hopes that you never allow your past to define you, and never look for anyone to validate you. Go after your dreams with all that you have in you. 

Tell your story and speak up because the truth is your story is the blessing needed to save someone else's life. 

My Truth

Book Trailer- "My Truth"

Thank You for purchasing my book! I hope that my book inspires you and empowers you to understand- We can Become the woman we always dreamed of being. We just have to change our mindsets and know that our past can only make us a better person for our future.


 Savon Holt

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